How do I get a handle on all my personal insurances and savings?

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Mark Ennis
AdviceFirst Wellington

What we can do

  • Provide you with straightforward, practical advice from financial experts.
  • Arrange all types of personal insurance for you and your family.
  • Offer you a choice of quality products from leading suppliers at competitive rates.
  • Assist with claims to help make the process easier and give you greater peace of mind.
  • Provide you with a financial plan and advice to help you reach your retirement goals.
  • Review your KiwiSaver plan to help it live up to your expectations.
  • Arrange and manage your investments in a more tax efficient manner.
  • Negotiate with different banks to get a home loan deal that works for you
We provide a one-to-one personal service with an experienced Financial Adviser, supported by other specialists as needed.
  • Work with you to keep your financial plans up to date with your life changes.
  • Give helpful straight answers to your burning financial questions.

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