I.T. Contractors

What we can do

  • Provide you with a policy that covers you when you change contracts, regardless of whether you contract through an agency or work directly with your client/s.
  • Give you practical advice on complex liability insurance for IT contractors.
  • Help get you insurance benefits designed specially for IT professionals:
  • Professional Indemnity (or errors and omissions) and Liability Insurance protection against legal liability arising from the conduct of your business.
  • Income Protection: an income if serious illness or injury prevents you from earning.
  • Business Property insurance: cover for accidental loss or damage to your business assets.
  • General, Health and Life insurance to help protect you, your loved ones, your business and the things you value.

How we do it

  • You can get quotes, purchase insurance and receive instant delivery of your IT Insurance policy documents by using our easy online application service.
  • Alternatively an experienced General Insurance Broker with IT insurance expertise will listen to your needs and advise insurance and products to suit you and your budget.
  • Our IT Contractor Insurance Policy is underwritten by Lumley General Insurance (NZ) Ltd so that you can get cover regardless of whether you’re on your own or contract via an agency.
  • On your behalf, we liaise with the insurance provider to help fast track and get your cover in place.
  • Assist with claims to help make it easier and give you more peace of mind.
  • Review your insurance with you, to help ensure it keeps up with changes in the industry and your life.

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