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AdviceFirst is passionate about providing quality advice. 
We help thousands of New Zealanders stay on track with quality advice throughout life.

We know that everyone wants the best for their families and themselves now and into the future. We want to prosper and protect everything that we value; to take care of ourselves, the people who are most close to us and our property. We want to be able to enjoy our working lives and enjoy a comfortable retirement where we are well positioned to spend important and happy times with those that we love.

With so much to achieve it’s rare we get to where we want to on our own.  There is so much we need to know that’s outside of our own learning.  That’s why calling on the experts at important stages of our life can make a truly vital difference between us achieving our lifetime goals or not. AdviceFirst is made up of experts and we are here to help you do just that.

AdviceFirst helps kiwis reach their lifetime goals.

We were established to help New Zealanders prepare financially through life.  We have years of experience offering expert financial advice throughout your life.

Many thousands of kiwis already have a strong personal relationship with us, choosing us to provide tailored financial advice that includes

  • managing your hard-earned cash so it grows to support your needs
  • planning to realise a retirement you can really afford
  • investing a windfall
  • and along the way protecting everything that is important  

We work with business owners and people that have strived to own or run a business and want it to grow and be successful. We believe that the growth of a business is intrinsically linked with the strength of its’ people. This inter-related success means others can achieve their goals; staff and colleagues can have meaningful work and fulfilling days, days that add both personal and professional value.  As well as employee and business financial planning advice we can also provide:

  • business planning advice
  • HR services and systems
  • recruitment solutions
  • coaching and career development   

We have the expertise, people, and resources to give you the financial advice you need when you need it.

Our advisers are experts, they’ll take the time to understand exactly what you want, or more importantly what you need.

From Kerikeri to Invercargill there are AdviceFirst offices across New Zealand.
All you need to remember is one thing: the future is all about what you do now.
And the first step is talking to AdviceFirst.

For individuals and families - we’re structured so that our financial experts can be called on as needed by you and your needs. You may have one specialist adviser, but we will bring in other experts if that’s what you need.

  • Our nationwide network of financial advisers are experienced and professionally recognized, to help you realise a better financial future.
  • The Financial Markets Authority regulates our Financial Advisers.

For businesses – we understand that every business is different and so that forms the foundation of our advice and it’s how we build solutions – designed to match your differences and the needs of your employees.

  • We can help if you need immediate relief from some business pressure points or a safe pair of hands to guide you through key people issues or opportunities.
  • Our specialised HR experts can provide advice and deliver a solution with the perfectly blended team to match.

AdviceFirst is a New Zealand wide advice network - in which AMP*, a long-established financial services company, has a majority shareholding.

AdviceFirst was formed in 2008 by a small group of Financial Advisers. Spicers also a financial planning and investment company was formed in 1987.  In 2016 AdviceFirst and Spicers joined together as one company to operate as AdviceFirst, a nationwide network of professionally recognised financial advisers. In 2018 POD, an HR Consultancy, joined AdviceFirst broadening our business offering to add more value to our clients so they can realise a better financial future.

For a personal approach, the sooner you get started the better.  Let’s talk.

* AMP New Zealand Holdings Limited, is part of the AMP Group of Companies.

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